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Listed are the newest drop lists. Jaret's drop list may lack the lower level armor, but it does not matter as armor and weapons up to L42 can be bought at the local Armor and weapons trader. FYI, the highest armor and weapons can be bought in Mondshine L40x.
TIP: Drop rates are also based on level of you to the mob. So if you are say 5 levels above mob you can get decent drops. If you are 20 levels above, the drops % is really low. Trick is to drop hunt with a Level 1 pet to bring your "Drop Level" down. Remember one thing also. Drops rate is also on cycles too. If you are mob are same level, you may have one good hour of drops then come back to same spot and get spotty drops. Please take this in consideration also, if you use a Level 1 pet now.

New Drop List

Jaret's Drop ListDrop list is by Armor and Weapon Level.
(You look for the item you want , then the mob listed who has the item)

NEW Drop Listhas drop listings by caves and dungeons. Places listed at the bottom now.

Mondshine Equipment List
fEquipment listed by place or/and crafting availability

Irene's Drop Listlisting by location

Madmancone's Droplist
listed by location and armor set (still being made)

LC Drop List listing by weapon level

Boss Mob Drop list for GGD, GRD, and Kamira
5 - Lucky Scroll
1 - Greater, Crystal of Experience
5 - Tool Aid
5 - Scroll of Memorizing
1 - Medal of Honor
10 - Great healing Potion
5 - Moon Stone
10 - Medium Mana Potion

1 to 3 rares dropped at Random
Note: Had an IDB on and got 3 rares on a drop. It has been said the IDB does not help, but i have plenty and still like to use. Never heard of a triple rare drop either.

Note: All old drop lists deleted as they are obsolete.

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